Seconds & Supplies Maker Market

MAKERS making MAKING a little more sustainable

This market is intended to be a little bit different than regular maker markets.  It is built for makers to sell to other makers, but also to the community that supports them.  While you'll find some of the artists' regular product line, you'll also find materials, small equipment, and artists' seconds (things that might have small blemishes or one-off pieces that were part of product development and aren't usually available).  We thought this would be a good way to recycle some of the important parts of our businesses that have accumulated in our studios and bring them to someone who can use them.

Artscape Youngplace,  180 Shaw St, Studio 109 and Hall, June 15 11am-6pm 

Girl Can Create - The Made and Found - Sun and Stars - Tiny Blades Project - Stephanie Cheng - Julie Sinden Handmade - Corktown Soap - Sartoria - Dawning Collective - Fidoodle - Theresa Robertson - Kid Icarus - Blackhare - Kalpna Patel - MoonRox - Shannon Gerard - Xenia Taler - Acorn Studio