The Flying Seagull Project

With each online purchase,

10% of Fidoodle's profits support the work of

The Flying Seagull Project.

After watching this video which aired on the BBC, we needed to figure out a way to support The Flying Seagull Project.  
By donating some of the profit that we make through Fidoodle, we have a much truer sense of purpose to make the things we make.  If you haven't already, please take a minute to watch this video.  It will make you deeply happy.  
The Clowns Helping Refugee Children Laugh through Play
In their words,
"The UK-based non-profit currently has more than twenty entertainers engaged in arts workshops, music and dance lessons, circus shows and clown doctoring. Together they’ve spread love, light and laughter to more than 100,000 children in hospitals, orphanages, deaf/blind schools, refugee camps and slums around the world."
Some great ways to learn more about The Flying Seagull project, please visit them here.
The Flying Seagull website
The Flying Seagull Project on Instagram